Specialised Stamp Catalogue of Iceland

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The prices in this catalogue are in Danish crowns (1$ = 7 kroner). These prices are not the cash price but a catalogue price used for exchange of stamps.

Issues followed by a sentence named 'Price and quality' is priced with the average cash price known by me you would normally pay in Denmark for this stamp. Told shortly these prices are based on three sources: 1. Cheap stamp based on club circulation and exchange prices. 2. Medium priced stamps are often sold through illustrated lists from dealers. 3. Expensive stamps (>500-1000) are mostly sold through auctions. This structure makes expensive stamps relatively cheaper compared to 'normal' catalogues. The quality of the stamp is in the end the most important factor and the price can easily vary with a factor 10 depending on this.

The purpose of putting the catalogue on the web is to have your comments on errors, and to let you download it.

e-mail: thomas@graungaard.dk